• I was born on January 9
  • I am there is a realm of existence so far beyond your own you cannot even imagine it. I am beyond your comprehension; I am Sovereign.

cool facts about me

  • I used to be Galijb when people were slightly more aware that I existed
  • I once got a high from drinking too much Sprite and eating too much white rice on the same occasion
  • my parents hate literally everything I've ever done on a computer
  • I once owned two Toa Iruini figures
  • capitalism is a fundamentally immoral system that is doomed to fail any context it is applied to
  • My Team Fortress 2 mains are Engineer, Heavy, and Pyro (in order). Consequently my Spy sense is absolutely through the roof
  • "sans undertale" in any context has and always will make me laugh
  • I once had a nightmare where my dad forced himself into one of my music playlists and criticized my musical taste for twenty minutes
  • I draw a little

stay tuned for more

(signed, sans undertale -Love from Von ;) )

social media!

since I don't really use this site anymore and in case anyone likes me enough to stalk me:

please follow me im lonely

Friends (that have been on this wiki)

these are my friends. I call them that but tbh I haven't spoken to most of them for ages

and probably some other people I forgot

Check out Philip Crow (@PhilipCrow8):

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