Yup. It's me again. Tongue Smiley-1

I've been waiting for this for a while. Ever since I left the Wiki, I felt... like something was missing in my life. Like, a part of me wasn't there anymore. The Wiki became so big for me that... I couldn't really live without it. I was missing it a lot.

I realised this in mid-February, a month and a half after my last-ever visit here. However, coming back from the blue, just like that, on a random date, wouldn't have had much of an impact around here. I wanted as many people as possible to notice me coming back, so I decided to come back on Easter Sunday. The day the resurrection of Christ is celebrated. And no, I'm not comparing myself to him, I'm just "copying" the resurrection/coming back thing. Tongue Smiley-1

I'll speak with the remaining admins on whether they'd be open to me managing the daily business of the Wiki again, or whether they'd rather have me just chatting with people.

So yes, here I am again. Hope you're happy. Tongue Smiley-1


P.S. Alright then, who got fooled? Tongue Smiley-1 No-one? Tongue Smiley-1 Oh nevermind then. Tongue Smiley-1 Did you at least expect something like this, or did you forget completely about me? Tongue Smiley-1

I'm actually legitimately surprised there's still activity around here. Tongue Smiley-1 Seems like Pythor, MC, Brave, Marc, and a few others still linger. And Brave's an admin now, God help the poor souls still remaining here... Animals is also admin, but has... left. Shame.

Bubbles is back, now that's... a surprise.

Verrack and Johnyjo still writing on Walls, Jesus...

Though it seems OpenEye/Fire has now left us, RIP.

Very nice coincidence that April Fools Day is also Easter Sunday, don't you think? Tongue Smiley-1

So yeah, just popping in for this quick throwaway joke before I definitely, finally disappear into oblivion. Tongue Smiley-1 I may pop in just to see the state of the Wiki at Christmas, but that's it. I'll linger to have a look at any responses, but won't reply.

Oh, I'll have you know that when I retired back in November and closed chat for the "final" time, I actually shed a tear, no joke. Tongue Smiley-1 Didn't expect that. Tongue Smiley-1

Anyway, hope you're all having decent real lives out there. Though you really really should think about finally quitting this place, it's ridiculous how you're still wasting your time here. Tongue Smiley-1

Bye again. Tongue Smiley-1


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