First, let's get one thing out of the way.

What you're going to say.

"I always knew you were literally Hitler/Mussolini/Stalin/(insert dictator here)", "The admins are tyrants", "Ale will take advantage of this", "This is a power grab!", "This is the death of democracy", "I hate you all", "I hate the Wiki even more now", "How could this happen?", "You're basically killing the Wiki with this"...

That should be that.

Right, so, the admins have decided to take over the Wiki from the community. This basically means community votes, emote votes, and RfRs count just as petitions for the admins. We're basically going back to the Drew "oligarchy".

The reason we're doing this is simple. The Wiki's dead. There haven't been CVs, emote votes, or RfRs in weeks/months. Democracy isn't needed at this stage, and we would be rulers of basically nothing anyway. The population is so small, the decisions of 3 active admins should suffice.

As far as the general and chat policies go, they'll remain unchanged, and the rules will be enforced just as before. No, we won't suddenly ban everyone who disagrees with us, unless they break policies, of course.

Yes, this'll be very unpopular, we realise that. But frankly, should you really care? The Wiki's dead, getting angry over such a decision would be much ado about nothing. The majority of you already stays in touch with each other outside the Wiki. If you're going to leave over this decision, fine by us. If not, fine by us.

Anyway, in the grand scheme of things, this won't affect the Wiki too much. As we already said, the democracy system hasn't been called into action for months, and the Wiki's dying.

Please don't make too much of a fuss. Tongue Smiley-1

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