LEGO Message Boards Wiki

With the horrid announcement that Wikia (now known as FANDOM) is doing a total revamp of the fundamentals of wikis, including the removal of chat, the fate of this wiki is now in question. Nobody knows when it will happen, but some time in the near future everything about this wiki will be unrecognizable to its users. Perhaps most unfortunately, the chat feature will be removed, and thus we will not be able to hold our yearly reunion.

So the time we have for a final chat reunion (in the traditional sense) is running short. Perhaps our annual First-Saturday-of-the-Year plans could be cut by unforeseen circumstances.

Therefore, I have proposed a reunion in the coming weeks, on September 19th. I understand that perhaps most people won't do their yearly check of LMBW before the date, but I have a well-founded fear of the future. Due to our last few reunions, we are rather well-connected outside of LMBW now, so such an issue can be reduced. I look forward to the occasion somewhat, as some long lost users have popped in this year and might join in the fun.

This blog is twofold: an announcement and a gauge of reaction. I would like to know that people would actually want to show up for this before I fully commit to it. Go ahead and comment what you think, friend.

Update: With a good number of people planning to show up, I think this is gonna be good. We're doing this for real, hopefully not for the last time.