.*finally creates my first ever proper blog post just for you, Peat*

Guess what!? It's happening! It's LMBW reunion time!

At about this time two years ago, the sparkling LEGO world of hundreds of children-at-heart stood frozen still for a shocking, dreaded eternity as the LMBs announced their crumbling close. An end of a Narnia dropped glaring void at the world. And thus, the beautiful reunion of January 5, 2017, so marvelously documented by BM, began. 

Many of us are still processing the tragedy of the boards announced that day I'm sure, but if you can find it in your will power to join our epic reminiscent chat party this coming January 5th (2019), the true spirit of LMBW therapeutic nostalgia (partially thanks to Seaside's gracing the place with a good ol' proper ancient color scheme) will forever be honored and grateful. It can only be as great as the users who come!

Now, before I entirely run out of fancy adjectives to add to almost run-on sentences, be sure to open your calendar and plop a "join LMBW chat party reunion" reminder on January 5th! No special time even, come when you can, stay as long as you like.

Just 22 days left to wait! Tell your friends! Hope to see you there, friend! ^-^

.*breathes* ...I did it! First blog created. You can all be proud. Don't get used to that now though. x3

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