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Well, we did it. We managed to come together as a precious little community for the second time in this crazy 2020 year and enjoy each other's company and the memories and feels and everything that is this place and the lmbw experience. Thank you.

Time moves only forward and stories have non-stagnating plots and ever-changing twists and so, pages turn and chapters conclude and lingering memories fade to sweet dusty inklings. FANDOM will always pull classic Wikia moves and we can shake our heads, smile, mumble good riddance, or let a tear slip, but all of us have been shaped to some degree by chat here and saying goodbye to such an impactful element of childhood is worthy of a memorable reunion.

Chat will shortly be gone and whether or not it will linger long enough for a glorious 2021 gathering, reminiscing together is sweet and appreciating what we have while it lasts is special.

In Goggles's perfect closing words (yes, stole it, thx Gogs), "Here's a toast to LMBW chat. A place full of memories, large and small, good and bad, for all who ever dwelt here. A place whose emotional pull is strong enough to make those people return, years later. A place that shaped a part of so many of our lives, and will forever be a part of us. RIP, you wild crazy rollercoaster."

Below is a full list of users who were present in chat during the time the last ever on-site(?) reunion party roughly took place. An unexpected beautiful turnout. Thank you to Bm, Aok, and BNR for helping keep track of names.

  1. AmazingPythor
  2. Aok (aokpisz and other similar variations)
  3. Aravis Tarkheena (AravisOfNarnia / Katuvis)
  4. Arya Elf
  5. Assassin Swipe (Agent Swipe)
  6. BraveNewRoyalty
  7. BrothaRus (RusMan / TheRusMan)
  8. BusyCityGirl
  9. Cookies913 (Varnika)
  10. Deadagent03 (Ultra)
  11. EagleEyeDan
  12. Fellders (Feldohir)
  13. Goggles99
  14. GuacamoleCCXR (Guacamole1998)
  15. Ihaveawiixboxds
  16. Kingwja
  17. Kittyluvr22
  18. Koren8000
  19. LegoFan2010 (AJRAWLEY)
  20. LegoI3rickI3uilder
  21. Legoanimals750
  22. Legofrodo12
  23. Lilac Neko (JesusChristFollower)
  24. LinkCelestrial (Boyoboy8)
  25. Loney 97
  26. LordWeirdo
  27. Lunaicus
  28. Madkatmaximus (Madkatmaximus96 :P)
  29. Majolo9050
  30. Marcel77799
  31. MassiveSodaDuck696969 (MassiveSodaDuck / many, many other temporary names...)
  32. MasterTemple
  33. MeltE2
  34. MissLadyJadie (Jade)
  35. NZF14 (NinjagoZaneFan14 on the LMBs)
  36. NancyDrew4ever
  37. Nart L. Chipikal (Chipika123)
  38. Obi the LEGO Fan
  39. Pacman87
  40. ParallelMayhem
  41. Person of Info
  42. Purplebrick333
  43. RaineBanni
  44. RePeat (ThroughMyEyes)
  45. Reminal 2 (Reminal)
  46. Riolu777
  47. RosaGotLost (Auroramay)
  48. Ryn Wants Rain (Brickmaster7946 / TwistedAlpha / FortressOfNight / EveryOpenEye / Evie Dark / and We Are Fire)
  49. Satoshi2 (Galijb)
  50. Scorpio360
  51. Seaside98
  52. ShadowCrayon (14padme)
  53. SkepticQuark (Roddy15)
  54. The Last Booker DeWitt (Legocityfan119 / Edward Nigma / Jerry Seinfeld / Sky-Pirate Doubloon / many other names...)
  55. TheShadowAssassin (Apple123350)
  56. TheShaymin (TotallyHypnoSquid)
  57. Worldracer99

A few other friends were alerted of the event, but couldn’t make it to chat. They sent their greetings (yes, including Alemas)!

Please do comment if there are any others I missed or corrections to be made!

Thank you for dropping by, one and all. Perhaps, just maybe, we can do it again!

To connect with users in a more active space, you're welcome to join LMBW Discord. Or, message skypiratedoubloon#1817 on for a link to another server which also hosts numerous LMBWers

For those interested, here are links to the previous reunion results: