There you go guys, it's back by popular demand - bigger and brighter in 18K, and better than you could have ever dreamed of. I was initially conflicted about making this, that's why I missed the chance to do it on the one year anniversary of the last selfie blog, and the chance to do it on New Years - would people embrace a whole new year of themselves, a chance to celebrate how far they and their rooms and their pets and their leg hair have come and changed and grown since last year, or would they simply pass it off as rubbish, another crap idea being re-recycled over again to the greater profit of huge corporations and media and all those other icky things we throw our money and time at while screaming at others to not? Or maybe run on sentences are a bad thing? Celebrate yourselves, celebrate others, and please don't be mean - Welcome to the new age, darling.

I have no idea what 'resurgence' even means, but every second reboot has that or something akin to it in the title. Who am I to question?

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