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WELCOME TO BRICKBOOK! is a topic in the Community Chat Forum. It was created by Dwarfminefan580 on September 26, 2012. It currently has 29,701 pages and 664 likes on the first post. It is the second largest and second most liked topic on the LEGO Message Boards. The idea of the topic is for users to post profiles, friends lists, statuses, groups, events, and other things that you might do on Facebook. Ironically, this topic was posted before the 2012 Update, so actually liking posts was not possible at the time it was made, so people would post if they liked the statuses. It was the first topic to get 10,000 pages. It also began the trend of topics that are parodies of popular social media sites. The topic was temporarily locked by the moderators in 2014, as at the time it was the source of much spam.


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