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Wertys761 (also known as Wertys, Wert, The Grand Waffle, Werty Potter, Wartys, or Wart) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on March 26, 2007. He has the rank Pirate, 31,604 posts, and 9,691 likes received.


He started off mainly in the News Forum, but eventually started posting in other forums. He was especially well known in the Community Chat Forum, LEGO News Forum, Star Wars Forum, MLN Bands forum, and many more. He used to be in the Top 3 for most topics made on the MBs. His most popular topics were The "MB Cafe! (The Ultimate Place To Party!))" and the "Stormtrooper HQ." He was once confused for a user named _wertys761 who was "Wertys' biggest fan." She was a girl who thought Wertys was a fun guy. This caused a lot of confusion and made Wertys very annoyed because people were confusing him for a girl.

Wertys' first posts were made in the Castle Forum. His first topic was "Create-A-Knight" in that forum. His first HQ was the "Skeletons HQ."

In July 2012, he claimed he was going to retire soon, after he reached Legend. Even with many people upset about it, in late August, his retirement speech began to be posted part by part. In the final part, he claimed the entire retirement to be a prank. Some users thought it genius, others told him in a joking way to never do it again, and some users got very upset at Wertys and started writing mean songs and messages, but this stopped when legobrickelijah wrote a speech, causing many users to apologize. By the majority, it was claimed to be one of the biggest pranks in MB History.


Wertys was a roleplayer, a MLN Band user, and a Wiki Member, and considered an MB Legend. Wertys used to have the record for most posts in one day, 762, during a mod party. He was known for inventing the term "ROFLWAFFLES." 

  • Wertys as a Maniac
  • Wertys when he was an Old Timer
  • Wertys when he was a Craftsman
  • Wertys as an Artisan
  • Wertys as an Artisan with 2 studs


  • His username "Wertys761" was inspired by the VeggieTales character "Qwerty," but he misspelled it at the time.
  • His signature "––––\/\/∑®†¥§––––" won him many awards in the Brickys.
  • When he was an early Maniac with less than 15,000 posts, and JohnnyNeutron was a late Maniac with over 21,000 posts, they created a race to Legend. It was supposed to be a joke, because Wertys wasn't technically supposed to be able to make 9,000 posts and beat JN. However, since JN went inactive, Wertys ended up winning the race a year or two later.
  • Interestingly, Wertys was both the 13th Maniac and Legend.
  • His sister is pinkunderdog7.
  • He was one of the few users who suffered the Delete Me Glitch.
  • He was a member of the MLN Band LEGO43V3R. 

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