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Wiktorsz (also known as Wik) is a user who joined the LEGO Message Boards on January 10, 2009. He had the rank Old Timer, 9,752 posts, and 5 studs. He officially retired on April 27, 2012, then deleted his account on June 11, 2012.


He made his first posts in the LEGO Universe Beta Forum in 2009. He posted until the Summer Holidays of 2010, and then became inactive for a while, returning around September. In May 2010 he discovered the MLN Bands roleplay. He joined Brick-It!, but quit after a confusion about the band and Stud Stars. He created a band that would soon be one of his most popular, The Rolling Studs. He took part in the May–June Lyric Contest, which was held in the News Forum at that time, and came third, with the song "The LEGO Time."

He made the Minifig HQ, the first HQ in the Minifigures Forum and one of his first topics. In early 2011, he reached Inventor, and was quite well-known, being an MLN Bands veteran by then. He asked the moderators to make a subforum for the MLN Bands roleplay. At first they rejected the idea, but in May the topics were moved to the new "MLN Music and Bands]" Subforum. Wiktorsz decided to quit the LEGO Message Boards in September, and made Masterofthemetal11 quit as well. However, he changed his mind and returned.

His old account was Wiki99, which was created circa 2004-2006 and locked in early 2009.


He had no signature.


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